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I'm sorry.

On behalf of me and sirius_stills I apologize about our second challenge which used art without permission. It will all be taken down.

I didn't know who the artist were, I googled. I found them on other sites where the artist wasn't credited.

My personal opinion, which I am entitled too, is get over it. It's art online. The vastness of the web extends beyond any of our imaginations and will be used without your permission many times after this and probably is right now. I just don't think you should over react to something like this, it's the net. Mellow out. Seriously.

I take pictures and I post them on the net, if someones uses them I'm personally flattered. I really couldn't give a crap if someone uses them. It's bound to happen. Atleast people are looking at them, enjoying them enough to make something out of it. Instead of being stuck up and snobby, just be glad someone appreaciates your art.

If my opinion offened you, engraged, annoyed you. I don't care, it's my opinion. Flame if you must, I'll sit back and laugh. It's the net. Hope you have a good day other wise.
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